10 Ways the GMRENCEN Celebrates Earth Day All Year Long

As the tallest building in the state, the GMRENCEN has a responsibility to help keep Detroit and our planet beautiful. The Detroit Free Press recognized us with a Michigan Green Leader award in 2014 and we continue to take steps to continually reduce our environmental impact.


Here are just a few examples of our ongoing commitment to sustainability.


1. We’re landfill free!


GMRENCEN Landfill Free


The GMRENCEN has been a landfill-free facility since 2013. All of the waste from this 5.5 million sq. ft. complex is recycled, reused, composted or converted to energy.


2. Our garden keeps us fresh.

Merged GMRENCEN garden photo



The GMRENCEN started the Beaubien Garage Rooftop Garden in 2014 to grow fresh herbs and vegetables that are used in Andiamo’s farm-to-table dishes, and in turn, Andiamo makes a donation to a local Detroit warming center. In 2015, we tripled the size of the garden, which uses repurposed shipping crates from GM’s Orion Assembly plant as raised beds.


3. Bees dig us.

1 scraping honeycombs to release honey merge



In an effort to help further pollination, the GMRENCEN worked with the Honey Bee Squad to add two beehives to the rooftop garden.  In 2016, there will be three hives near the rooftop garden.


4. We conserve gas and share rides.




Green commuting is encouraged in the GMRENCEN! Employees have a variety of options available, from vanpooling and ride matching services to bike paths.


5. Waste not, want not.


Recycled Tvs


Twice a year the GMRENCEN has an electronic equipment waste day where people can drop off electronics they no longer use. The donated materials are safely recycled by the Great Lakes Electronics Corporation.


6. Turn off the lights!


GMRENCEN Exterior--resized


Every year the GMRENCEN participates in Earth Hour, a global initiative that encourages everyone to turn off their lights for an hour. Turning off our non-essential lights is a symbolic demonstration of our commitment to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.


7. Recycle water bottles for a good cause.


GMRENCEN Recycling


GM is spearheading an initiative that turns recycled water bottles into air filtration units, noise-reducing fabric insulators for engines and insulation for coats for the homeless community. The GMRENCEN is one of five GM sites contributing to the effort. Help us give these bottles a second life!


8. Show others how to go green.


Bat photo


Here at the GMRENCEN, environmental responsibility is ingrained in our culture.  During our monthly “Lunch and Learns”, we include sessions from the Cranbrook Institute’s Organization for Bat Conservation, summertime MDNR Explorers program, and the Detroit Audubon Society.


9. Wildlife is in our nature. 


GMRENCEN Wildlife Habitat


The GMRENCEN features a wildlife habitat certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council. These green spaces house native plantings and attract mammals, birds and butterflies. GM partners with the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy on the initiative and engages other businesses to expand awareness and further encourage biodiversity.


10. Renewable energy keeps us warm.



The GMRENCEN keeps warm from a renewable energy source. An underground pipeline attached to the building delivers process steam made from solid city waste from nearby Detroit Renewable Energy that heats and cools the building.


For more information on how the GMRENCEN is committed to sustainability, visit the About section on our website.