When LEGOLAND Discovery Center announced a new Michigan location coming to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets back in March 2015, they hinted at a MINILAND featuring Detroit-area buildings and landmarks made from LEGO bricks. Seven months later they launched a contest asking Detroiters to nominate their favorite metro Detroit landmarks. Ultimately,...
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3 Ways the Bees at the GMRENCEN are Helping the Planet

What’s buzzing at the GMRENCEN? Our bees, of course! The GMRENCEN works with the Honey Bee Squad to keep our bees. The Honey Bee Squad checks on the bees periodically to make sure the queen bee is laying eggs and that they have enough space to keep growing. We all...
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7 Places to find Coffee in the GMRENCEN

Need an afternoon caffeine boost? The GMRENCEN has you covered. You’re looking for coffee and we have more than enough to go around. Whether you’re just looking for a regular cup of coffee as an afternoon treat, or you need espresso for an extra boost, consider the GMRENCEN java paradise....
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GM Plaza Furniture

Take a Break and Have a Seat on the GM Plaza

Spring is finally here, Detroit!  It’s the time of year when we get the long awaited chance to step outside, say hello to the blossoming trees on the RiverWalk and greet the returning wildlife along the waterfront.  And this year, there’s another reason to tuck your chair in at your...
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Henry Ford OptimEyes Staff

Do You See What I See? Q&A with Henry Ford OptimEyes

The GMRENCEN is home to many businesses, some big companies, and some smaller ones, each offering various services from edible fruit bouquets, to shoe repair. All of the businesses inside the GMRENCEN are unique and have something valuable to offer. Henry Ford OptimEyes is one business that calls the GMRENCEN...
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10 Ways the GMRENCEN Celebrates Earth Day All Year Long

As the tallest building in the state, the GMRENCEN has a responsibility to help keep Detroit and our planet beautiful. The Detroit Free Press recognized us with a Michigan Green Leader award in 2014 and we continue to take steps to continually reduce our environmental impact. Here are just a few...
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Break Bread with Panera in Detroit

The GMRENCEN keeps getting better! If you have walked through the GMRENCEN within the past few months then you’ve probably noticed the new updates and coming soon signs throughout the building. With Granite City Food & Brewery’s launch this past February, the newly renovated Presto Gourmet Deli , and the...
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GMRENCEN Wintergarden

A New Look for the GMRENCEN Wintergarden!

For the past 15 years, the GMRENCEN Wintergarden has been a space for tenants of the building and guests alike to relax, unwind, and have a place to enjoy the beautiful view of the Detroit River. Combined with the delicious food options available in the building, the Wintergarden makes for...
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The Detroit People Mover, a True Hidden Gem

The Detroit People Mover has been a staple of the city of Detroit since it first opened to the public on July 31, 1987. Now almost 30 years later the People Mover is still going strong. The system is made up of 12 driverless vehicles that are automated and computer...
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6 Movies Starring the GMRENCEN

Please, no autographs. The Rosary Murders (1987) A neo-noir mystery film starring Donald Sutherland in which a scene between him and Belinda Bauer was filmed along the Detroit Riverfront. Bird on a Wire (1990) This action comedy starring Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn features a chase scene inside the GMRENCEN....
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GM Renaissance Center

9 Random Facts About the GMRENCEN

Conversation starters for the next time you ride up one of the building’s 107 elevators. 1. It’s so big that it has its own zip code – 48243. 2. There are roughly 1,500 plants throughout the complex. 3. The GM Plaza on the Detroit Riverfront was dedicated in December 2004....
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Granite City Food & Brewery The 48243 Double IPA

The GMRENCEN Is Literally EVERYWHERE – Here’s Proof

Arguably the most recognizable building in the Detroit skyline, the GMRENCEN has become somewhat of a symbol for the city. A fact that seems to have resonated with brands, media outlets and Detroiters alike. Many use the three-tiered outline in their advertising, social media, television broadcasts and even their logos....
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