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Tenant Profile: Subway

It’s 11:50 a.m. and your next meeting is in 10 minutes. You missed breakfast, didn’t pack a lunch and need something to hold you over for that Noon conference call. What do you do?


We sat down with the GMRENCEN Subway staff to learn more about its convenient ordering options designed to fit your busy schedule as a GMRENCEN employee.


Online Ordering



Want to skip the line? Only have a few minutes to grab something to eat? Subway offers online ordering through its mobile app.


Through the app, you can earn points on purchases, customize your order, scan to pay and receive digital deals.


  • Download the Subway app by visiting this
  • Order online by visiting this




Promo image of Subway catering. Photo courtesy of Subway.


You have enough on your plate at work. Whether you need to feed a large team meeting or simply want to treat your office staff, Subway offers catering and delivery services within the GMRENCEN.


  • To view its catering menu, visit this
  • Ready to order? Call 877-360-CATER or place an order online through this


Note: Subway requests at least a 24-hour advance for catering orders.


Featured Menu Item: Signature Wraps


Promo image of Subway’s signature wraps. Photo courtesy of Subway.


That’s right, Subway now offers signature wraps. With double the meat and new recipes added seasonally, cut back on the carbs and try fan-favorites like the turkey, bacon and avocado wrap — or the savory rotisserie-style chicken Caesar wrap.


To view all of Subway’s signature wraps visit this link.


Subway at the GMRENCEN


Subway at the GMRENCEN is located in the food court on Level A. Its hours are as followed:

  • Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


To learn more about all of GMRENCEN’s dining options, visit gmrencenwp.wpengine.com/dining.

Drink up! It’s National Coffee Day

Looking for a caffeinated morning start or an afternoon pick-me-up? On National Coffee Day, and really any day inside the GMRENCEN, we have a plethora of grab and go shops that can satisfy any caffeine connoisseur.


Whether you like something simpler like black coffee or are more adventurous and like skinny caramel latte with two shots of espresso or are looking for a seasonal favorite like a pumpkin spiced latte, you’ll be able to find it here. We recommend:


Coffee Beanery




This local company is known for their seasonal roasts; stop in for all your favorite pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg coffees and specialty drinks.






Of course, you’ll be able to find coffee at caffeine-giant, Starbucks. GMRENCEN tenants and employees drink so much of it, we have TWO in the building.


Mix up your caffeine intake with Starbucks’ new Almond or Cacao Protein Blended Cold Brew specialties. The protein drinks boast 12 grams of plant-based protein, 270 calories and tasty ingredients you that recharge you throughout the day.


Panera Bread



Stop into Panera for your favorite latte or macchiato and a delicious pastry – the Danishes are hard to resist!


If you’re not looking for a specialty drink, you can brew your coffee yourself and pour your own hot or iced coffee, just how you like it.


Gourmet Deli



Gourmet Deli, in Towers 500 and 600, is the only shop inside the GMRENCEN where you can buy Lavazza coffee! Lavazza, meaning coffee in Italian, is Italy’s most popular coffee brand, known for their original and unique roasts. Stop in to try a cup, today.


Choose wisely coffee lovers and enjoy your day!


Which restaurant are you heading to for a coffee? Let us know in the comments below!

Detroit Artist Spotlight: Suzann Braun

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” – Anonymous


Detroit fan and photographer Suzann Braun strives to capture the balance between beautiful skyscraper views and the nitty-gritty underbelly of Detroit in her work. The GMRENCEN regularly features Braun’s work on social media, and she recently was one of ten winners in the GMRENCEN’s Your Photo Here Contest, so we decided to get to know her, and her craft, a bit better.


Her Start



Braun began taking photos on fun outings with family and friends, and that theme still guides her passion today.


“Growing up I was always the family photographer, the one with a camera,” Braun said. “Now I love to explore different cities through the lens of my camera, or even different neighborhoods of Detroit.”


She loves capturing photos outdoors, where a city meets natural outdoor elements. The balance and connection between urban life and Mother Nature can be seen throughout her photos. Michigan’s colorful changing seasons always provoke Braun to grab her camera and head outside.


“Before and After” Photos



The Detroit artist especially loves taking “before and after” photos of Detroit. A moment that stands out in her memory is photographing the Detroit Riverfront in the early 2010s, which at the time was cluttered with industrial plants and warehouses – nothing like the urban greenspace glittering with walkways and parks today.


“I love going through photos from years ago and being able to recreate them in today’s landscape. It’s amazing to have a photo from a certain moment in time, and then seeing the city’s progress now,” Braun said.





Braun works downtown, so she often spends her lunch break roaming the streets and Riverfront for anything that excites her. Detroit especially inspires her because of Detroit’s grit and artsy-aesthetic.


“Detroit is naturally beautiful, yet complex. It’s a photographer’s dream,” she said.


Suzann Braun lives in Warren. Follow her on Instagram or visit her online SmugMug gallery for more photos of Detroit and her travels.

Migrating Birds Seek Safe Passage Through Metro Detroit Area

By: Detroit Audubon, fostering the appreciation and conservation of birds and the environment we share since 1939.


When you think of robins returning for spring it probably doesn’t cross your mind to cut unnecessary outdoor lighting and dim or redirect essential lighting, does it?


While many songbirds only stop briefly in Michigan on their journey from South America to the boreal forests of Canada, the stop can be a fatal one. In fact, bird-window collisions kill up to 4 billion birds annually in the continental U.S. To help our feather friends, Detroit Audubon and Washtenaw Safe Passage have partnered with other groups in Southeast Michigan to make our corner of the planet safer for birds. It’s easier than you think, and even one building can make a big impact.


What is Safe Passage?


Safe Passage is a collective approach to minimizing human risks to birds. While most programs focus on window collisions, the Safe Passage philosophy includes a little bit of everything:

  • Lights Out programs: this dark sky policy for commercial buildings throughout spring and fall migration can save dozens to hundreds of birds per year, per building!
  • Window collision monitoring and mitigation: this includes screens, decorative window film, window art and other efforts that help prevent birds from hitting glass.
  • Practice safe bird feeding: move feeders as close to windows as possible (three feet or closer), and bleach bird feeders once a month.
  • Green gardening: try owl boxes instead of rodenticide, bluebird and wren boxes instead of insecticide, and using native plants instead of ornamentals.


If onewindow at an average single-family residence has been hit by a bird, and that window is subsequently screened, marked with ABC Bird Tape, Acopian Bird Savers, CollidEscape, or Feather Friendly dots, 80 birds can be saved in the span of a decade!


Safe Passage Saves



One high-rise building in Washington D.C. turned off its lights between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. during the months of March, April and May and saved 27 percent on its electric bill, as well as saving hundreds of birds. Doing the same for August, September, October and November will save even more as the population will be boosted by all of the newly-fledged birds from the summer starting their first migration.


You can find out more ways to help by visiting DetroitAudubon.org and encouraging your neighbors and local businesses to do the same. There’s even an Honor Roll to recognize the steps taken by local businesses towards being mindful of our feathered friends during their journeys.


Follow us on Facebook for more information: Detroit Audubon, Washtenaw Safe Passage, Just Save Birds, Bird Center of Washtenaw County.


Editor’s Note: The GMRENCEN promotes Safe Passage principles to all tenants and those working in the building.

The Detroit River – Flowing through Michigan History since the 1700’s

As one of the busiest waterways in the world, the Detroit River serves as a symbol for positive international relations and hope to Detroit. Beyond its historical impact between the United States and Canada, the resurgence of this historic river is timed perfectly with the city’s comeback. The integration of the riverfront’s revival with residents and visitors of Detroit embodies the new spirit of Detroit – and we love it!


Detroit River History


The river was monumental to Detroit’s automotive success, for business traveling through the strait between lakes. In addition to its transportation impact, the river was used for communication across Michigan – especially during this booming era of industrial expansion.


Today, the river serves as a beautiful natural waterway for the city. The riverfront has transformed into an iconic element of Detroit, and the revival of its shores and maintenance of refuge for local wildlife is far from finished.


Whether you’re heading on a walk through the Riverfront Gardens, or enjoying the GM Plaza, the river offers activities for everyone!


Fun Facts



  • The river stretches from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie and operates as a strait in the Great Lakes system.


  • The river is only about 0.5 to 2.5 miles wide, making the division between Michigan and Canada very narrow.


  • Belle Isle lies in the northern section of the Detroit River, and remains a popular destination for residents and visitors of the city. Belle Isle is a Michigan State Park and is open to the public for all kinds of activities like kayaking, swimming and fishing.


  • The Detroit River was once used by the Iroquois who traveled these waters to trade fur with Dutch colonists.


  • In 1908, the Detroit News declared the Detroit River the “Greatest Commercial Artery on Earth.”


  • In 1997, the Detroit River was named as one of 14 American Heritage Rivers by President Bill Clinton due to the local community of Detroit that utilized the river to revitalize the economy, preserve the history and restore the environment.


  • The river is the only international wildlife refuge in North America. From having some of the best walleye fishing in the world, to housing an abundance of bald eagles, this river is full of wildlife!


  • The word “Detroit” is French for “strait” and the French invented this name for the river to describe the “Strait of Lake Erie” or “le détroit du Lac Érié.” This has been a major shipping channel since the 1700’s with traders navigating the waters for trade.


  • There are 28 islands located within the Detroit River. One of the islands is Belle Isle, which exists as the largest urban island park in the United States. The entire island is listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places, and the also encompasses the oldest rowing club in North America.


The Emergence of West Riverfront Park

As the City of Detroit enters an era of thriving economic developments, booming real estate and a determination to create a future of success – a new project has emerged.


Changing Landscapes



In April 2018, the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy announced, at a press conference in the GM Wintergarden, a new plan to transform West Riverfront Park into an energetic and iconic gathering place for all Detroiters – reshaping this 22-acre region of prime riverfront property.


With an amazing riverfront what could we possibly be missing? Turns out the DRFC found a new way to provide just about everything on the riverfront – and this time they’re providing one of the only places, besides Belle Isle, where visitors have access to the water.


Besides this addition of a dramatic inlet called “The Cove,” the DRFC explains that their team has many plans to reshape the park – including the addition of an island of the shore, basketball courts, waterslides and even concert areas.


The park’s estimated cost is $50 million, and will be run by DRFC’s West Riverfront Park Community Advisory Team. This group of 21 Detroit residents come from various cultures, careers and neighborhoods – to fully ensure that the project will adhere to the all types of interests in Detroit. This board was asked to judge a design competition to find the best team of consultants, architects and engineers for this monumental transformation of the riverfront.


The DRFC initially faced the fear of failing to blend the passionate insight of Detroit residents with the professional expertise of top designers – and made sure to take their time assembling the perfect team to ensure the West Riverfront was elevated to its full potential. In February 2018, the advisory team selected major designer Michael Van Valkenburgh and his team, alongside architect David Adjaye.


How can we ensure this will work for the city? Besides the fact that Detroit’s riverfront is quickly becoming a favorite attraction within the city, these designers have a reputation for success.


Valkenburgh is one of America’s most well-known landscape architects who has been recognized on major design projects including the Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City. Adjaye has also been acknowledged for his designs, including his work on the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C.


When will we finally be able to visit the park? The DRFC says the project will be complete within the next four to five years – but don’t get sad just yet, summer on the riverfront is just getting started on GM Plaza!


The Evolution of the Riverfront



The Detroit Riverfront extends 5.5 miles extending from the Ambassador Bridge, all the way to Belle Isle in the east. Among the many shops, marinas, restaurants and parks lies the GMRENCEN – right in the heart of the riverfront action.


How has the GMRENCEN impacted this future development on the riverfront?


For starters, General Motors’ renovation of the Renaissance Center to become their global headquarters in 2004 led to major projects such as the GM Plaza – an addition to the riverfront that quickly become a spectacular space for city gatherings and events.


General Motors also donated the first half-mile of the riverfront to the Conservancy, and continues to draw residents and visitors to the river through concert series, shopping and a beautiful view of the Detroit River.


What’s next?



As the city prepares for the launch of the West Riverfront Park, it’s time to soak up the sun and enjoy this transforming part of Detroit’s beautiful city and head to the riverfront!


Maybe you’ll head to GM Plaza for On the Plaza concerts, Chevrolet Rockin’ on the Riverfront Concert Series or the Eastern Market farm stand – or perhaps you’ll make your way to Belle Isle to enjoy the beach and rent a kayak on the beautiful island. Either way – there’s something for everyone on the riverfront, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.


Want more information? Head down to the GMRENCEN to check out the West Riverfront Park display!

The Spirit of Detroit and the Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain Celebrate Anniversaries this Summer

When you think of downtown Detroit, a few items immediately flash to mind – Joe Louis’ fist on Jefferson Avenue, Campus Martius, the GMRENCEN, Cobo Center and, especially, Hart Plaza and The Spirit of Detroit.


Fittingly, the Spirit of Detroit and the Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain, the fountain within Hart Plaza, are both celebrating anniversaries in 2018 – The Spirit of Detroit is turning 60 and the Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain is ringing in its 40th anniversary.


The Spirit of Detroit



The Spirit of Detroit was commissioned in 1955 and dedicated on Sept. 23, 1958. In its left hand, the seated figure holds a bronze sphere emanating rays to symbolize God. In its right hand are a family group symbolizing human relationships. The statue, now iconic to the city of Detroit, is one of Detroit’s most easily recognizable landmarks and its likeness is frequently used to represent the city. The Spirit of Detroit even commonly gets behind Detroit sports teams, donning professional jerseys of the Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings and Lions if a team is in a championship series.


Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain


Photo: Fatima Mears via GMRENCEN Your Photo Here Contest


The riverfront location where Antoine Laumet de la Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac disembarked the Detroit River to found Detroit is now known as Hart Plaza. The plaza, created in 1975 to serve as public common space and event space within the city, didn’t include the Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain until 1978, the crown jewel to the newly completed Hart Plaza. Anna Thompson Dodge donated the funds for the fountain in memory of her husband and sons, who died in the 1920s, but not before they started a multimillion dollar automotive supplying company in Detroit.


The stainless-steel fountain is designed by Isamu Noguchi and is composed of two legs topped by a ring 30 feet above a circular, black granite pool. The fountain houses 300 jets and 300 lights and features advanced nozzle and lighting functions that can create different configurations based on the time of day or events in the city.


Iconic to Detroit


Photo: Dave Manning via GMRENCEN Your Photo Here Contest


Since their inception 60 and 40 years ago, both landmarks are favored by residents and tourists alike, and we’re sure they’ll play important roles in Detroit’s resurgence. Alongside the iconic GMRENCEN, The Spirit of Detroit and the Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain will continue to be a friendly event space, and source of pride, within the city.


What’s your favorite memory of either The Spirit of Detroit statue or the Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain? Let us know in the comments!

Sip on these Refreshing Drinks at the GMRENCEN

Looking for the perfect way to cool off this summer? Look no further – it’s time to head to the GMRENCEN!


The GMRENCEN has refreshing drink choices for all tastes – check out our list for some great summer drinks:


Starbucks Coffee



Enjoy the taste of Starbucks – GMRENCEN located in Tower 100, Level 2 near CVS Pharmacy.


Starbucks has the perfect refreshing drink for any taste – and their newest releases might provide the perfect remedy to revitalize spirits in the heat of the summer.


Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher


This drink is the latest addition to everyone’s favorite list of refreshers to enjoy on the hottest of days. The Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher is an island-inspired beverage that combines mango and dragon fruit flavors, topped with a scoop of real diced dragon fruit. This fun summer twist on the popular refresher options of the past is sure to refresh this summer!


Ultimate Caramel Frappuccino


This drink exceeds all frap-spectations as it blends whip cream, cold brew, white chocolate and dark caramel between layers of dark caramel sauce. What are you waiting for? They are available today at the Starbucks – GMRENCEN!





This contemporary restaurant located on Level 3 of the Marriot Hotel features a view of the city while sitting at a stunning 70-foot bar. What could be better? The drinks, of course!


Motown Margarita


This drink is perfect for summertime, mixing Avion Silver Tequila, mango juice, Triple Sec, simple syrup and lime juice to make for a refreshing cocktail at Volt’s RiverWalk bar.






This cozy restaurant, known for its toasty warm sandwiches and shakes, is located on Level 1 in Tower 300. Their summer shakes are more popular than ever – and offered right here in the GMRENCEN!


Two popular choices this summer include the mixed berry and strawberry shakes. These hand-dipped shakes are the perfect way to stay refreshed this summer.


Gourmet Deli



The one-stop shop, Gourmet Deli located on Level 1 of Towers 500 and 600 offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The deli offers healthy alternatives to many foods, and their vegan, all-natural smoothies are the taking off this season!


Strawberry-Banana Smoothie


This drink is 100 percent juice, sugar free, gluten free, vegan and includes three fruit servings! This healthy drink is the perfect way to stay cool and feel refreshed this summer.


Coffee Beanery



This gourmet coffee and specialty drink shop is located on Level 1 of Tower 300 and has the perfect refreshing drink for the sweetest of cravings.


Black & White Frappalatte


The Black & White Frappalatte espresso-based beverage blends caramel, white mocha, mocha and coffee – topped with whip cream. This drink is perfect for coffee lovers and anyone with a sweet tooth. Its perfect ice-cold blend is refreshing with a nice kick of energy.


Panera Bread




Located in the GM Wintergarden Tower 300, Panera Bread offers a wide variety of refreshing drink options. The latest (and greatest) are their fun twists on their classic iced tea options. This includes their plum ginger hibiscus tea, passion papaya green tea and their prickly pear hibiscus fresca.


No matter what drink you’re craving, you can find it here at the GMRENCEN! Come try all our fun options today!

Celebrate Miles, Outrun Expectations

 By: Rachel Dybicki, a lifelong marathon fan and Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon event manager.


Have you ever considered running a half-marathon? This is your chance! The 41st running of the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon is coming this October 20 & 21!


Join the journey now to run the only marathon and half-marathon to cross international borders twice. The international registration deadline is on August 27 at 11:59 p.m. so do not miss your chance to join in on a part of Detroit’s history.


13.1 Reasons to run your first 13.1 in Detroit!


Runners on the waterfront in Windsor, Canada during the 37th Annual Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014.


  1. The sunrise as you cross the Ambassador Bridge on your way to Canada. We’re convinced there is no better way to kick-off your first 13.1 than an international sunrise!
  2. The swag! Each runner receives a special race shirt (check out our Facebook for a sneak peak of the shirt), distance sticker, race wrap and #FreepMarathon wristband.
  3. Going into the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel in Canada, traveling the only underwater mile and coming out of the tunnel in the United States with major GMRENCEN views.
  4. Exploring Detroit- You will pass multiple Detroit landmarks and locations including the Spirit of Detroit, historic Corktown, Belle Isle and Indian Village.
  5. Each mile holds something different than the last. You will spot multiple course entertainment stations, spirit stations and fluid stations- all guaranteed to keep you entertained and hydrated.
  6. You will be supported by your fellow runners during the whole race. There is a strong sense of community and passion that can’t be found anywhere else. Plus, you’ll be joined by 26,000 of your newest running friends.
  7. Volunteers! Along the course, you will spot our volunteer staff. They are kind, helpful, supportive and ready to give you your well-deserved medal at the finish line.
  8. Conquered, the Official Marathon Afterparty! Once you finish your run, join your running peers at Conquered and enjoy live entertainment, a cold beer, food trucks and more.
  9. Our social accounts help keep you informed and excited! Follow along for reveals, countdowns and giveaways- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  10. That feeling at the start line before you start on your 13.1 journey. You and thousands of your new friends will gather on Fort Street and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. The music, emotions and excitement stick with you through all the miles.
  11. Not willing to pay $79.99 + shipping for your digital race photos? Tired of seeing race images with watermarked images all over? Yeah, you don’t need to worry about that with us! Every runner will receive FREE RACE PHOTOS to celebrate the miles!
  12. That finish line feeling! Crossing the finish line and becoming a part of something way bigger than yourself.
  13. A lifetime of knowing you ran 13.1 miles and you can cross that off your bucket list.

.1. Earning that post race bling everyone is raving about and bragging to your co-workers on Monday!


Not sure about running a half marathon? We have a race for every pace!


Runners cross the Ambassador Bridge towards Canada during the 38th Annual Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon in Detroit on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015.


Registration is open for all races! Join our 5K, 1-Mile and Kids Fun Run on Saturday, October 20 or our Marathon, International Half-Marathon, U.S.-Only Half-Marathon or Marathon Relay on Sunday, October 21.

The Ambassador Bridge: An Iconic Symbol of Unity in Detroit

With all the amazing developments beginning in Detroit today, we often forget the iconic projects that once defined the Motor City.


From the booming automobile industry, to the reputable and unique music of Motown, Detroit has always been a front runner for innovation and excitement in our changing world. As we continue down the path of success for our beloved city, we can also look to the horizon at an iconic landmark that’s been consistent over time: The Ambassador Bridge.



The bridge was the longest suspended central span in the world upon completion in 1929. The Ambassador Bridge also stood as a symbol of unity – serving as a vital link between the United States and Canada for global visitors and commerce.


Prior to the construction of the Ambassador Bridge, Detroit experienced an exciting period architecturally. Major projects constructed during this era include the General Motors Building, Fisher Building, Masonic Auditorium and Penobscot Building. The only feasible next step for this amazing city: a bridge connecting two countries.


A Sparkling Detroit


Photo Credit: James Gates


The bridge is owned by the Detroit International Bridge Company, and in the year 1981 – the bridge became even more prominent to Detroit’s skyline with a permanent installation of lights. This project escalated quickly, as the city hoped it would be complete just in time for Detroit to welcome fans from across the globe to Super Bowl XVI in January of 1982 at the Pontiac Silverdome.


With a crunch for time, Detroit Mayor Coleman Young created a task force to, once again, unite a city through embracing the beauty and future of Detroit – one project at a time.


The lights were purchased from fundraising calls that created a wave of excitement across the city. Major businesses began donating to the project, and in November 1981, those involved in the project met at the bridge as a helicopter set up the breathtaking lights. This international team ignited a positive and enthusiastic public, who saw the sparkling necklace of lights as a symbol for unity on the world’s friendliest border.


Today you can see the beautiful bridge and its lights that illuminate the sky from the Riverwalk of the Detroit River on the GM Plaza of the GMRENCEN. The lights can also be seen from live video channels each day.


What’s happening today?


Photo Credit: Dane Van


The Ambassador bridge may be a symbol of pride and unity for Detroit, but its presence on the Detroit River also serves as a catalyst for positive international relations – and a booming economy.


The Ambassador bridge is the largest international crossing in North America for trade volume, as 150,000 jobs depend on the Detroit-Windsor border crossing. This international border is also responsible for more than $13 billion in the United States’ annual productivity.


The bridge is responsible for more than 25 percent of all merchandise trade between the United States and Canada, and has adapted over time – just as Detroit has. Although parts have been replaced over the years, segments of the original roadbed from the bridge have been used in Windsor’s bike trails and parks.


The bridge remains a symbol for positive international relations, and pride for the city of Detroit. As city visitors and residents admire its beauty in the Detroit skyline, we remember the determination and creativity that was required to build a world-altering landmark.


Want to learn more? Check out the Ambassador Bridge display between towers 200 and 300 on Level 1 of the GMRENCEN!