Safety at the GMRENCEN

These resources will you help you make safety part of your daily routine at the GMRENCEN.

In the event of an emergency in the building, call Security at 313-667-1111.

If you’re visiting the GMRENCEN, follow the procedures in the video below. If you’re meeting in one of the GMRENCEN Towers, defer to the instructions of the Emergency Floor Coordinator.

New guidelines and procedures are now in place at the GMRENCEN. Learn more about parking, building entry locations and guest information prior to visiting the building on our blog.

  • GMRENCEN Rules of Conduct
  • Distracted Walking
  • AED Locations

1. Disorderly or disruptive conduct of any kind, including obscene language or gestures, fighting, running, wrestling, horseplay, skating, skate boarding, rollerblading, bicycling, and/or riding a scooter, walking abreast in groups, yelling, throwing objects, littering, playing radios and loitering;

2. Acts which can result in physical harm to persons or damage to property;

3. Acts prohibited by local, state or federal laws;

4. Presence on the premises by school children during school hours other than as part of an organized school activity.

5. Possessing any open container of alcohol or consuming alcohol anywhere except within premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

6. Obstructing, blocking or restricting walkways, seating areas or other areas in a manner that may cause inconvenience to others, represent a safety hazard or interfere with a view by others or doorways, windows, and/or other merchant or facility displays;

7. Assembling, demonstrating, parading, picketing or marching in a manner that may interfere with others’ enjoyment of the premises or which may be disruptive to the intended business of the Renaissance Center Complex;

8. Any form of solicitation, sales of products or services, or distributing handbills, leaflets, commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind or offering samples or items which are sold or made available for sale or in exchange for a donation or contribution, without prior written permission of Complex management.

9. Persons 17 or younger are not allowed on the premises unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 21 years of age or older, or as part of an organized school or tour group.

10. Smoking is not allowed inside any area of the premises.

11. Shoes and shirts must always be worn inside the Renaissance Center Complex.

12. No pets are allowed on the premises with the exception of service animals such as leader dogs.

13. No weapons or items that look like weapons are allowed.

We are committed to providing a safe facility and workplace to tenants, employees and visitors and as such encourage you to do your part to prevent distracted walking accidents.

While you are walking throughout the building, especially high traffic areas, please be aware of your surroundings and do not stare at your phone while walking. If you must take a call, text or check your email, please move to the side and place your back against the wall so you do not interrupt the flow of traffic or collide with anyone.

If everyone follows these guidelines, we can all help to achieve a safe place for employees, tenants and visitors.

Click here to view all of the AED locations in the GMRENCEN.