Office workers, visitors and downtown residents can find an essential mix of specialty shops, services and
dining conveniently located in the GMRENCEN, the Millender Center and the River East Center.

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daily to the GMRENCEN, making it truly Michigan’s premier address


of office, dining, retail, entertainment, residential, and lodging space


in the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center


offering casual and fine dining, featuring Joe Muer Seafood and Andiamo as well as an 1,100-seat CAFE


makes the GMRENCEN Michigan’s tallest building


GM World with new and specialty vehicles on display


of spectacular walkways and bikeways along the revitalized riverwalk


is the GMRENCEN’s own zip code

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Designated Smoking Areas at the GMRENCEN

GMRENCEN Rules of Conduct


NOVEMBER 24, 1971

Henry Ford II announced plans for the Renaissance Center project. The name Renaissance Center was chosen in a contest to name the building. 141,537 entries were submitted.

MAY 22, 1973

Phase 1 of construction began on the Renaissance Center.

JULY 1, 1976

The first tower – Tower 100 – opens.


The central hotel tower opened as the Detroit Plaza Hotel and was the world’s tallest all-hotel skyscraper. Today it is the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center and remains the tallest all hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.

APRIL 15, 1977

A formal dedication is held for the opening of the four, 39-floor office towers and the 73-story hotel. Bob Hope entertained guests at the Renaissance Center’s lavish opening party.


TOWERS 500 & 600 OPEN
Renaissance Center Phase II, Towers 500 and 600, were opened as a separate venture developed by subsidiaries of Ford Motor Land Development Corporation and Rockefeller Center, Inc.


The elevated Detroit People Mover transit line, after many years of construction, began operation with a stop at the Detroit Renaissance Center.

MAY 16, 1996

General Motors announced the purchase of the Renaissance Center for use as its global headquarters.


288 panels of etched glass from Japan; each piece weighs in at 400 pounds, 3 inches thick; support by metal from Germany and cables from England.

DECEMBER 15, 2001

The area which was once a parking garage, swimming pool and fitness center was changed into a 50,000 square-foot, five story atrium.


General Motors completes $500 million in renovations to the GM Renaissance Center. The GMRENCEN is now home to more than 5,000 GM workers and 6,000 tenant employees.


GM removed the fortress-like concrete berms facing Jefferson Avenue for the new front entrance.


Andiamo, an award winning restaurant, opens with spectacular views of the Detroit Riverfront.

DECEMBER 17, 2004

GM Company presented the deed for the GM portion of the Riverwalk to the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy as part of their commitment to the ongoing beautification and preservation of the riverfront.

MAY 2005


JUNE 16, 2006

Summer concert series premieres on the GM Plaza. First concert performer was Grand Funk Railroad, and other performers included The Romantics and Blue Oyster Cult.

JULY 2010

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan announced plans to lease space in Towers 500 and 600 and relocate 3,000 of its employees to this location.


Cruise lines begin docking along the riverfront at the new Port of Detroit—located just west of the GMRENCEN. This is the largest seaport in the state of Michigan.

OCTOBER 9, 2011

Joe Muer restaurant opens, proudly continuing a tradition of dining and service excellence that began in 1929.

JULY 10, 2015

10th anniversary kicks off with Doobie Brothers performing to record crowds. Other performers included Burton Cummings, Kansas, and Eddie Money.

JANUARY 22, 2016

Over 110,000 SF of the GMRENCEN will be transformed into a world-class destination where visitors can learn about GM’s vision – from yesterday to today, tomorrow, and beyond.

APRIL 15, 2017

In 2017, the GMRENCEN celebrated its 40th birthday by sharing 40 fun historical facts and hosting a scavenger hunt in the building.


GM World Opens


Highlands Detroit opens on the 71st floor of the GMRENCEN. The restaurant’s three unique concepts include Highlands Detroit, Hearth 71 and High Bar, as well as events space on the 72nd floor.

MARCH 2021

2021 marks 25 years since GM purchased the Renaissance Center and established the company’s headquarters on the Detroit Riverfront. GM has invested $1 billion in the GMRENCEN and the Detroit Riverfront.


At the GMRENCEN, tenants enjoy the advantages of our Centered on Service approach, a 5-star program designed by CBRE, Inc. to provide a thoroughly enjoyable and productive work experience while also offering visitors unmatched amenities.

The very concept of Centered on Service stems from the strong circular design of the GMRENCEN itself. Within its walls, the iconic Detroit skyscrapers offer some of the city’s finest restaurants and lodging, high-profile events, a fitness center, an array of shops and international river views tailored to suit our tenant’s full lifestyle.

The program encourages a work-life balance that promotes productivity and offers tenants the privileges of a vibrant downtown location. From conference and meeting spaces with the latest technology to free Wi-Fi in a glass Wintergarden overlooking the RiverWalk, GMRENCEN tenants are treated to services that simply can’t be found elsewhere in metro Detroit.


GMRENCEN management makes it easy for occupants to be “green” during their time in the building by recommending behaviors that reduce overhead and office consumption, offering a recycling program that can be customized to any office type or size, and providing guidance on the proper disposal of assorted waste, including electronics. Since awareness is crucial to educating occupants on the benefits of sustainability, GMRENCEN partners with EPA, U.S. Green Building Council and others in promoting energy and resource efficiency through exciting campaigns, from national Earth Day to “Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR.” There’s even a popular campaign featuring superheroes to help transport the message!

To learn more, browse through the links below, or just call Property Management and say… “Go Green!

  • GMRENCEN Environmental Commitment

    Environmental CommitmentVISION:
    Create and maintain an environmentally responsible culture through sustainable innovation, performance and community involvement.

    Key Environmental Principles (RECIPE):

    • Reduce, re-use, recycle
    • Eliminate waste
    • Continue to model responsible behaviors
    • Improve our surroundings
    • Prevent additional harm to the environment
    • Engage the workforce and communities

  • Wildlife at Work

  • Saving Wildlife and Energy!

    Every Spring and Fall
    The tenants at the GMRENCEN close their blinds at night and turn off their office lights every spring and fall to aid in the annual bird migration each season. Collisions with buildings kill more wild birds than any other single factor and nocturnal migrants are attracted to artificial lights. In addition to ensuring the survival of migratory birds, turning off the lights saves energy, saves money, and reduces light pollution.

    The Problem
    Each spring and fall, millions of birds migrate through the Detroit area. The bulk of the birds fly at night, when they can navigate by the stars and the air is less turbulent. Lights from cities, especially those on tall buildings or those aimed into the skies, disorient the birds and draw them in. Attracted to the lights, many hit windows. Others circle buildings until they fall from exhaustion. Either way, the result can be fatal for the migrants.

    The Impact
    Migratory bird populations continue to decline each year due to a number of factors that are putting enormous pressures on their survival as species. Migration is a particularly perilous time for them; the majority of these birds make twice-yearly trips between their breeding grounds in North America and their winter homes in Central and South America. Along the way they face numerous obstacles, of which collisions with buildings claim the largest number of lives. The U.S. Forest Service of the USDA estimates that 550 million birds die annually due to collisions with buildings.
    Thank you for your participation!

  • RenCen Restaurants Feed Their Kitchen Scraps for Composting

    General Motors has turned its ‘no-waste-to-landfills’ drive up another notch by enlisting restaurants at the GMRENCEN headquarters complex — Andiamo, Joe Muer Seafood, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Coffee Beanery and others —to compost food scraps from their kitchens. Unlimited Recycling collects the organic kitchen waste, mixes it with manure and delivers it to customers. Some of it has been used in garden beds atop the Beaubien Parking Garage! The beds — reused shipping crates from GM’s Orion Township assembly plant — are tended by building staff. The compost helps filter pollutants, absorb water and provide essential nutrients for healthy herbs and vegetables.

    When the chefs at Andiamo peel and chop their onions, carrots, zucchini and eggplant, they scrape the scraps into a container on wheels that Unlimited Recycling picks up later. They also add pasta, eggshells and coffee grounds into the mix.

  • GMRENCEN’s Wildlife at Work Program

    As part of GM’s goal to continually enhance and expand the Wildlife at Work program, throughout each summer, several lunchtime educational programs are provided by the Department of Natural resources, such as:
    The History of Environmental Conservation
    Did you know that the origins of conservation began because of the sport of hunting? Come learn some more interesting history at our discovery table!
    The History of the Detroit River
    Come learn how the Detroit River has made an environmental comeback over the last half century at our Discovery Table and about some of the keystone historical events in our City’s history which occurred on our beautiful river.
    Other classes have included displays about…
    Peregrine Falcons: DDT to Nesting in the “D”: DNR Wildlife Division’s Chris Becher, Southeast Michigan Peregrine Falcon Coordinator, shared the story of the recovery of Peregrine Falcons and the seemingly odd locations they nest these days.
    Michigan Raptors: Lake Erie Metropark staff, along with the DNR, displayed lots of talons, sharp beaks, wings, and feathers to show what makes our hawk, owl, and eagle species such formidable predators.
    Thank you to everyone who participated in these Lunch Time DNR events. We enjoyed a live bat exhibit that was displayed at the GMRENCEN to help tenants and visitors step into the mysterious world of bats and explore their benefits, habitats, and nocturnal strategies. Discussions included the benefits of bats, the need for conservation, and what can be done to help these unique mammals. Live Bats were on display, including a Big Brown bat from North America, fruit bats from Africa and Asia, and vampire bats from South America. These bats were shown in a way to interest, excite, and motivate us to learn more, take action in our backyards, and work globally to safeguard the earth’s natural world.
    For more information about the Wildlife at Work program, click here. If you would like to print out the Wildlife at Work brochure to report sightings of wildlife near the GMRENCEN, click here! We offered a lunchtime discussion to learn more about the amazing journey that takes place by the birds of North America. As each winter approaches, a great migration occurs that involves millions of waterfowl traveling south to seek food in warmer regions. Since we live and work in an area rich in waterfowl history, we learned about the amazing journeys that take place throughout the greater Detroit River area. Numerous species of beautiful ducks common to this area were on display so we could enjoy their beauty and understand the important role they have played in the development of our riverfront.

  • Recycling in the City of Detroit

    Interested in year-round recycling available in the City of Detroit? For more information, click here.

  • Earth Hour 2021

    Earth HourThe GMRENCEN complex and hundreds of millions of other people around the world switch off their non-essential lighting during Earth Hour every 4th Saturday in March at 8:30 p.m. This annual event is the world’s largest public environmental action, involving hundreds of millions of people from more than 5,000 cities and towns in 135 countries/territories across all continents. For additional information, visit www.earthhour.org.

    If you happen to be downtown during Earth Hour and catch photos or video of the GMRENCEN and/or the city going dark, we’d love to see your pictures. Tag us on Facebook, or tweet with us @gmrencentransf.wpengine.com, #earthhour.

  • Building Awards

    BOMA TOBDY Award
    GMRENCEN – Standing Tall as a 2019-2020 TOBY Award Winner!
    The GMRENCEN received The Outstanding Building of the Year Award in the 1 million square foot category by BOMA.
    The GM Renaissance Center is a source of pride and inspiration for our employees, business associates, and the people of Detroit.
    Through its world-class design, use of technology, first-class hotel, and highly regarded retail tenants, this facility creates an
    exciting environment with a global character. The workplace design facilitates teamwork, openness, efficiency, and information
    sharing. Above all, GM’s headquarters signals our focus on people and our belief that the company’s future will be created by
    their expertise, creativity, values, and passion. Our headquarters is an epicenter for the renaissance of GM’s corporate culture
    and the city of Detroit.
    Wildlife Habitat Council

    2015-17 Wildlife Habitat Council Award
    In recognition of the GMRENCEN’s wildlife habitat management and conservation education programs.


    Michigan Green Leaders Award
    2014; Detroit Free press Michigan Green Leader Award for ‘Green Building Practices’
    Detroit Free Press Michigan Green Leaders winners demonstrate that opportunities for environmentally friendly businesses continue to grow every year. The GMRENCEN was awarded the ‘Green Building Practices’ in 2014 for becoming “landfill-free”. Every occupant of the six-tower complex is expected to either recycle, reuse and refurbish all the waste they generate or send it to a waste-to-energy converter. The winners were chosen in nine categories by an independent panel of volunteer judges who have expertise in sustainability and green issues. The winners were honored at an awards lunch at the Westin Book Cadillac featuring a panel discussion about blight removal, urban farming, mass transit and other development topics important to Detroiters.

    BOMA TOBDY Award2012-2013; BOMA TOBY (The Building of the Year) Award
    Energy Star2013; Energy Star Award for River East Center (Towers 500 & 600)
    ULI2008; ULI Award of Excellence

  • 101 Tips Toward a Greener Tomorrow


  • Helpful Links

    Bring Your Green to Work | How to make a personal difference.
    CBRE Lamp Recycling | National lamp recycling program.
    CBRE, Inc. | Corporate initiative for “a greener tomorrow”.
    Carbon Footprint Calculator | Comprehensive carbon and lifestyle calculator.
    ENERGY STAR | EPA program for energy savings and certification.
    Global Reporting Initiative | Top sustainability reporting framework.
    Green Seal | Recommendations for indoor living.
    GREENGUARD | GREENGUARD Environmental Institute programs.
    NASA Climate Time Machine | Track climate change from space.
    USGBC | LEED green building certification and accreditation.
    WasteWise | Dedicated to conservation and preventing waste.
    WaterSense | EPA site for water efficiency and conservation.