Artist Spotlight: Chris Burton

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Local photographer Chris Burton has seen Detroit’s true colors. After moving back to the city from a two-year stint in Dallas, he’s returned with a new goal:  showcase Detroit as a beautiful space with cool things to see and do.


In October 2019, Chris took over the GMRENCEN Instagram account to show you Detroit from his perspective.


Here is everything you need to know about Chris and his takeover.


He’s rediscovering the city through photography.


It all started when he moved back. Chris picked his camera up after returning to the city because he was overtaken by all the architecture and art in Detroit.


Though he had a positive first impression of the Motor City, he became more familiar with it through his photography. He spent his nights walking around with his camera to capture the sights that caught his eye.


He’s self-taught.


From first picking up a camera in high school to developing music videos to booking his weekends full of wedding and real estate shoots, his photography encompasses a wide-range of purpose and style.


But for Chris, photography was a self-taught skill. Though he’s only been shooting for about two years now, his work has grown tremendously thanks to his late-night walks trying new things and honing his craft.


He sees Detroit in a positive light.


As he travels, Chris enjoys sharing the beauty he experiences with his audience. Detroit is no exception.


“I personally love Detroit, but I think people’s first opinion of Detroit tends to be negative,” said Chris. “I’d love to change that.”


With his audience reaching across the states, he can introduce his followers to a city they have only heard about. Luckily for Detroit, he has plenty of good things to share.


He thinks Detroit is the most exciting city.


Chris’s work will always showcase something new. Whether it’s a bird’s-eye view of the city’s skyline or a snapshot of dinner and drinks at the hottest restaurant in town, he wants to share his experiences with you.


“I think Detroit is the most exciting city,” he said. “It seems every month, something new is opening.”




He loves a place with a view.


As a photographer, Chris loves any place that allows him to experience cool views, and there’s something special about being high above the city. According to Chris, you can get such a different perspective from up high.


“I love the GMRENCEN”, Chris said. “Volt in the Detroit Marriott is one of the coolest, most lowkey places in Detroit. It’s one of the city’s best kept secrets.”


He also enjoys the exclusivity of some of the city’s newer hot spots, such as the Monarch Club, Little Caesars Arena and Highlands Detroit.


He appreciates the details.


Chris’s photography is based off capturing the intricate details of a city that might otherwise go unnoticed. With an appreciation for the history and culture behind the city’s architecture, he wants to make people aware, seeing the same things they’ve seen before but in a new perspective.


“Detroit has some amazing architecture, but often times, people can walk by some of those finer details without even noticing,” he said. “I want to make people see a photograph of something they’ve seen before, but this time realizing just how cool the details behind it are.”


He is inspired.


For Chris, the whole process is inspiring. His journey of exploring different parts of the city always takes him somewhere new, leading him to create art from his camera.


“I’m trying to help people see their own backyard in a different light,” he said. “I’d love for them to see things in a different way and truly appreciate what they’re walking by.”


He believes in working outside of your comfort zone.


“Take something you’re afraid to do and do it,” said Chris. “Be confident in yourself. If you put in the work, there’s a lot more you can accomplish.”


Chris Burton lives in Detroit. Follow him on Instagram or check out his online portfolio to see more of his work.