Artist Spotlight: Mike Boening

There’s nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of city life.


While big cities may have their charm, Detroit has something others simply do not. Just take it from Mike Boening.


As a Detroit-based street photographer, Boening knows this better than most. He takes pride in shooting the real Detroit and sharing it with his audience.


Follow him on one of his street tours of Detroit as he takes over the GMRENCEN Instagram account over the next two weeks.


City Streets


Boening finds inspiration all around him on the streets of Detroit. His focus as a photographer has always been on observing people and how they interact.


“My photography style is all about movement within big cities,” he says. “After all, city life is busy and offers much to see. Urban landscapes, especially in Detroit, have buildings, history, people and movement within them. I just love capturing all of it.”


Through his street and urban photography, he simply captures everyday moments, such as commuting to work or running to catch a flight.

Worldly Shots


Boening’s work in the mitten has led him to work with the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the Pure Michigan campaign, where his shots graced calendars and billboards throughout Michigan.


Though his camera is often pointed at Detroit, he sometimes shifts its focus to other large cities around the world.


“I travel to all parts of the country for work,” says Boening, who leads urban photography street tours to share his love of the art by teaching others.


But no matter where he lands, Boening says Detroit always stands out to him because he appreciates witnessing the diverse development of the city.


Building History


“I love seeing the changes and capturing history being built, and that history is here.”


Boening remembers the construction of the GMRENCEN and feels lucky to have the opportunity to see the beginning of a true Detroit destination.


“Detroit has changed so much from where it was to where it is now and the GMRENCEN is a big part of that transformation. To me, there’s nothing more iconic.”


For Boening, history and inspiration are just down the street.


Mike Boening lives in Clinton Township. Follow him on Instagram or visit his online portfolio to see and shop more of his work.