#GMRENCEN Summertime in the City

Summer is here! Summer in Detroit is one of our favorite seasons. Why? Because there’s so much to enjoy and see. Take a look at the summer views of Detroit, the #GMRENCEN and the Riverfront in our latest blog.



“In The Distance” by James Gates


“The Bench” by Suzann Braun


“Hello!” by Suzann Braun


“Pot of Gold” by Tom Hughes


“RenCen from Belle Isle” by Suzann Braun


“Barefoot runs on Belle Isle Beach” by Melissa Francese


“Calming” by Suzann Braun


“Vitamin D” by Amy Cooper


“When Tall Met Long” by Derek Farr


“The GMRENCEN with sailboats from a helicopter, September 2017” by Alanna St. Laurent