100 Reasons to Love the GMRENCEN

We’ve reached 100 posts on the GMRENCEN blog and to celebrate we’re sharing 100 different reasons why we love the GMRENCEN.


We love…


  1. Guests who visit the GMRENCEN.
  2. All of the food choices inside the GMRENCEN.
  3. When Holiday Headquarters takes over in December.
  4. The wide variety of Michigan-made products inside the GMRENCEN.
  5. Working out with RenCen fitness.
  6. Entertaining performances that grace our On the Plaza stage.
  7. All of the eco-friendly practices that help reduce our environmental impact.
  8. Detroit’s unofficial start to summer, GM River Days.
  9. The GMRENCEN security dogs who work to keep us safe.
  10. That the Detroit Riverfront is only a few steps away.
  11. How much the building has changed since construction began in 1971.
  12. Our close proximity to the North American International Auto Show (and obvious connection).
  13. The GMRENCEN because Detroiters are continuously creating change and #ReflectingDetroit.
  14. When our restaurants change-up their seasonal menus.
  15. Celebrating New Year’s Day in downtown Detroit.
  16. That the GMRENCEN keeps us warm from a renewable source: an underground pipe that delivers process steam in the winter.
  17. Finding seafood options in every corner of the building.
  18. The GMRENCEN’s hotel, the Detroit Marriott.
  19. Spoiling loved ones with romantic gift ideas found in the building.
  20. The seemingly unlimited coffee options the GMRENCEN offers.
  21. All of the fresh and healthy food options from Panera.



  1. Rockin’ on the Riverfront!
  2. Our exceptional tour guides.
  3. The GMRENCEN’s very own Detroit People Mover
  4. The Wintergarden and its fresh and innovative updates.
  5. Scheduling eye appointments with Henry Ford OptimEyes.
  6. All of the different opportunities to take selfies with the GMRENCEN.
  7. How close the GMRENCEN is to other Detroit holiday festivities.
  8. That the GMRENCEN is an integral part of Detroit’s skyline.
  9. The 14 acres and 5.5 million square feet of office, retail, dining and lodging space that make up the GMRENCEN.
  10. This custom crossword puzzle the GMRENCEN challenges everyone to do.
  11. The wonderful Thanksgiving activities to participate in during November.
  12. Meaningful landmarks that make up the Riverfront and GM Plaza.
  13. Finding the GMRENCEN in other Detroit brands. Here’s proof!
  14. The recent renovations to the GM Plaza; right on the Detroit River.
  15. That the GMRENCEN has been a landfill free facility since 2003.
  16. All of the conventions, and visitors, that call the GMRENCEN home for a few days.
  17. The three miles of spectacular walkways and bikeways along the Riverwalk, right next to the GMRENCEN.
  18. The new Wayfinder app that helps tenants and visitors navigate the building with ease.
  19. All of the beautiful artwork around the GMRENCEN.
  20. When LEGOLAND Discovery Center featured the GMRENCEN in a model as part of Detroit MINI LEGOLAND.



  1. Our bees that pollinate our rooftop garden, as well as other Detroit gardens!
  2. Exciting building upgrades that will create more open and inviting gathering spaces for people to work and socialize.
  3. The various activities to do after 5 p.m. in the GMRENCEN.
  4. How and why the GMRENCEN participates in Earth Day all year long.
  5. That breakfast-lovers have several options if they want to eat inside the GMRENCEN.
  6. That the name “Renaissance Center” was chosen in a contest to name the building where 141,537 names were submitted.
  7. The 73 stories that make the GMRENCEN the tallest building in Michigan.
  8. RenCen Fitness because they are always offering new and exciting ways to stay fit and healthy.
  9. The complimentary gift-wrapping provided by Holiday Headquarters in December.
  10. When fall arrives, and so does everything pumpkin-spice flavored in the building.
  11. That the building can sway up to 30 inches in strong winds!
  12. That we can look back and see what the Detroit skyline looked like before the GMRENCEN was built.
  13. Celebrating our mothers in the GMRENCEN on Mother’s Day.
  14. That there are several ways to stay safe and healthy inside the GMRENCEN.
  15. The GMRENCEN’s Wildlife Conservation
  16. When Towers 500 and 600 opened in 1981.



  1. That we can eat at Granite City Food and Brewery any time.
  2. When we schedule dentist appointments at Great Expressions and don’t have to leave the building.
  3. Rooftop Yoga on top of the Beaubien Place Garage.
  4. That we’re constantly welcoming new employees to work in the building.
  5. Our short walk to the CoboCenter, and all they do as an integral part of Detroit.
  6. All of the dessert choices that satisfy the sweet tooth of our tenants and visitors.
  7. The Washingtonian palm trees that highlight the Wintergarden space.
  8. Doing all of our shopping at one stop: Calumet Market and Spirits.
  9. That you never have to eat at the same restaurant twice in the same month at the GMRENCEN.
  10. The newly-opened GM Company Store.



  1. The water fountain that was incorporated into the GM Plaza in 2005.
  2. AT&T, for all of our emergency and non-emergency technology needs.
  3. The two new restaurants that are coming to the building soon, Applebee’s and IHOP.
  4. All the family friendly holiday events to enjoy in the winter.
  5. That the GMRENCEN is so large it has its own zip code!
  6. That you can find several salad varieties and choices in the GMRENCEN.
  7. The delicious Mexican cuisine from Salsarita’s.
  8. When we can satisfy our cheese cravings at one of the several restaurants in the building.
  9. That the GMRENCEN provides ways to incorporate health and wellness into your daily life.
  10. John Portman, the architect of the original five towers.
  11. Our close proximity to all of our favorite winter activities.
  12. That you can find Maven vehicles, GM’s ride-sharing program, at the GMRENCEN.
  13. All the love that happens inside, and on the property of, the GMRENCEN.
  14. All the catering options the GMRENCEN restaurants offer.
  15. That the GMRENCEN and its partners have several helpful apps to use inside the building.
  16. When the GMRENCEN celebrates our beautiful city as part of 313 Day.
  17. That the GMRENCEN recognizes everyone’s love of potato chips.
  18. The workplace wellness tips that the GMRENCEN provides.
  19. The Glass Circulation Ring that was created in 1999 and is a 1/8 mile long.
  20. That the GMRENCEN participates in Earth Hour and works to reduce our carbon footprint.
  21. That the building recently turned 40 years old, and age is just a number.
  22. How close the GMRENCEN is to other cool businesses in Detroit.
  23. That you can find a Pure Detroit store inside the building.
  24. That the GMRENCEN supports other Detroit businesses, like Detroit Experience Factory.



  1. Our short commute to the new QLine.
  2. The Borealis glass sculpture in the Jefferson lobby that contains 1,250 pieces of glass.
  3. How the GMRENCEN plays a role in Detroit’s spring activities.
  4. That we can consult licensed real estate agents at RE/MAX Reserve, right inside the GMRENCEN.
  5. Rockin’ Wars and the opportunity the GMRENCEN and Chevrolet gives to local bands.
  6. The GMRENCEN’s tenant Joe Muer Seafood!
  7. The 14,000 tenants and visitors who come through our doors, daily.
  8. That you can order custom promotional products from the GM Company Store.
  9. When Eastern Market visits the GM Plaza!


What do you love about the GMRENCEN? Let us know if the comments!