20 Ways to Refresh Your Office Space and Maximize Productivity

Stuck in a rut at the office? There are plenty of simple ways to refresh your office space to energize and inspire you to take on the day.


The GMRENCEN has thousands of offices in its towers, each offering its own unique views and space. Get a head start on office spring cleaning by taking control of your space and boosting your productivity at work.




1. Clean out clutter – You know those old papers hiding in the dark corners of your desk drawers? It’s time to recycle the clutter! No more feeling overwhelmed by the pile on your desk. The GMRENCEN even makes it easy for occupants to be “green” by offering a customizable recycling program to help you freshen up around the office.


2. Put a label on it – Talk about important supplies, labels are an essential tool for every office. Naming and labeling make office organization easy, enabling you to identify key files at a glance. Take it from us, a little labeling goes a long way to feeling more productive.


3. Personalize your space – Spring cleaning isn’t always about getting rid of the old. Sometimes, all it takes to feel at home is adding a personal touch or “deskorations.” Pure Detroit has plenty of Detroit-themed pins, magnets, coasters and more to make your space your own.



4. Put up pictures – Our loved ones keep us going. Get inspired by adding a photo of a friend or family member to make you feel more connected throughout the workday.


5. Count the days – When counting the days until the weekend, it helps to have a calendar to keep track. Try adding a daily desk calendar with insightful quotes or silly jokes to brighten your morning each day. It really is the little things.



6. Spruce up your supplies – Office supplies aren’t exactly exciting, but they’re used every day. Free up some space by only keeping things you like, whether it’s your favorite pens or felt-tipped markers. Then scrap the rest to avoid accumulating more clutter.


7. Maximize lighting – As the weather clears and the sun comes out, let it in! Get an instant mood boost by opening the shades and soaking up the natural lighting. It just so happens the GMRENCEN was built with this in mind, offering tenants plenty of natural light to enjoy throughout the workday.





8. Organization is key – Your desk isn’t the only park of your space that needs to be maintained. Be sure to organize your computer folders to fit your needs. If you commit to doing this once a week – perhaps on Friday after a long week – it won’t feel so overwhelming.


9. Save your screensaver – You stare at your desktop background every single day. Instead, swap out the generic office desktop to a favorite place, future vacation spot or motivational quote to keep up your energy. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, the GMRENCEN has seasonal desktop wallpapers to inspire you.



10. Customize your computer – Computers and laptops are the ultimate symbol of work. Customize your personal device with a few fun decals that represent you. Whether it’s the company logo or a stylish sticker, you’ll feel encouraged to log in every day.


11. Add to the archive – As you move forward with your office spring cleaning, delete those unnecessary folders and outdated notes. Just like your desk, your computer tends to collect clutter. If you really need the notes from last year’s budget meeting, archive them. Don’t keep them around.


12. Productive playlist – When in doubt, tune it out. Try creating your own hype playlist to motivate you as you knock out your to-do list. Just turn it on, escape the world and work in your own productive paradise.




13. Set a goal – It happens to the best of us. Dull, dreary weather tends to take the drive right out of us. To combat this, set an ambitious professional goal for yourself. Whether it’s a big project or a small adjustment, challenge yourself to achieve.


14. Protect your eyes – Staring at a screen all day isn’t easy and can be damaging to your eyes. If you find yourself straining to keep your eyes open, it might be time for a visit to Henry Ford OptimEyes. After all, increased vision means increased productivity.



15. Make a list – With your space and your electronics organized, it’s time to get to work! Start by drafting a clear to-do list, then tackle it. Check something off every day, even if it’s not work-related.


16. Get up – Moving allows for better blood flow, which will help get your brain working. Occasionally, get up from your desk and move around. Try taking a lap around the circulation ring at the GMRENCEN – (eight laps around equals one mile!).



17. Take a lunch – We all do it. While eating lunch at your desk may seem like the more productive way to go, stepping away for lunch can help you feel rejuvenated. The GMRENCEN has a wide variety of lunch options in the CAFE and around the building.



18. Desk-ercise – If you can’t step away, take 5-10 minutes to exercise at your desk. The experts at RenCen Fitness have plenty of suggestions to get you some mid-day energy with chair exercises anyone can do.



19. Get into a routine – We’re all creatures of habit. Even the smallest change can create big improvements. Instead of heading right to the office, start your day at the GMRENCEN’s Coffee Beanery or Starbucks. Later in the day, take a long lunch to recharge at RenCen Fitness, or head there before you leave the building for the day.



20. Change it up – While a solid routine can boost productivity, an old one can weigh you down. Don’t be afraid to make a change or adjust your routine here and there.


Refreshing your office space doesn’t have to be a chore. Take control of your space by starting with one thing at a time.


Try changing one or two ideas, (or try them all!) and boost your productivity at work.