6 Ways the GMRENCEN Saved Your Meeting

Life is hectic sometimes. Things come up unexpectedly and it’s easy for details to slip our minds, especially in the midst of preparing for meetings and presentations you have to nail. The pressure is on, but when a few things slip through the crack…don’t worry the GMRENCEN is here to help.



Did I print that?


30 minutes before a huge presentation the printer stops working, what do you do? No time to call the printer guy. No time to troubleshoot the problem. Your boss needed those packets printed yesterday and the pressure is mounting. Luckily for you, Allegra can help! Located in Tower 400 on level 1, this full service printing company can handle all of your printing, copying and binding needs – big or small.


I have a presentation when?


You’re driving to the office thinking ‘oh this is going to be a relaxing day. My schedule is clear and I can use the day to get ahead.’ Then you get into the office and your boss walks up to you and says, “Get ready. We’re presenting that project we worked on last week.” When? You ask. Today she says. Then you look down and realize you dressed casual today.



If your day turned from causal to professional and you need a new outfit at the drop of a hat, head over to Sam’s Tailor Shop located in Tower 300 on Level 1 and select from their full line of men’s suits, pants and dress shirts. Or visit Sassy Fashion Couture on Level 2 in the Millender Center, if you ever need a new woman’s outfit. Exquisite Shoe Fixers in Tower 100 on Level 1 also has a selection of footwear, if you need help finding the perfect pair of shoes.


But I need WiFi!



Did your meeting get moved and you’re unsure if you’ll have internet access? Don’t worry. The GMRENCEN has free WiFi that’s easy to hop on if you’re in the Wintergarden or Food Court. But if you need a stronger signal, visit the Verizon Wireless or AT&T kiosks located in Tower 200/300 on Level 1. The friendly staff can help you purchase a hotspot so you’ll have internet anywhere you go!


Coffee! I forgot the coffee!


You were up late finishing your presentation. You’ve reread, revised and spellchecked twice. Your presentation is good to go. You have them printed, bound and are ready to head home for a few hours of sleep before the big meeting. You wake up early, have a few moments for yourself and then it hits you. COFFEE! I FORGOT I NEEDED TO BRING COFFEE!



Don’t panic. The GMRENCEN has four coffee shops –Starbucks, Coffee Beanery, Tim Hortons and Panera Bread – each can help caffeinate you and your audience. And they have pastry items and sweets if you really want to warm up your listeners.

My office conference space is double booked. Now what?


You had your office conference space booked for your meeting and now your co-worker has scheduled a meeting in the same conference room at the same time. Now what? Well, lucky for you the GMRENCEN has ample conference and meeting space throughout the building.



The Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, Renaissance Conference Center, GM Learning Center and the Courtyard Detroit Downtown all has meeting space perfect for a small or large meeting. Just give them a call and they’ll take care of the rest.


My guests are flying in from across the country and they just told me they need a hotel. Where should they stay?


That’s easy! The GMRENCEN has not one but TWO hotels all under one roof. The Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center and the Courtyard Detroit Downtown has more than 1,100 hotel rooms so there’s always a place to spend the night. Remember to tell your visitors to download the GMRENCEN Wayfinder App in the iTunes App Store. It will guide them from where they are to where they are going in the palm of their hand.



What services have you used in the GMRENCEN that helped you get a thumbs up from your boss? Let us know in the comments below.