9 Random Facts About the GMRENCEN

GM Renaissance Center

Conversation starters for the next time you ride up one of the building’s 107 elevators.



1. It’s so big that it has its own zip code – 48243.


2. There are roughly 1,500 plants throughout the complex.

GMRENCEN Wintergarden


3. The GM Plaza on the Detroit Riverfront was dedicated in December 2004.


4. The name “GM Renaissance Center” was chosen in a contest to name the building, 141,537 entries were submitted.


GM Renaissance Center


5. The Detroit Marriott has 1,298 guest rooms.


6. The GM Wintergarden was once a parking garage, swimming pool and fitness center.


7. Each glass panel used to build the Circulation Ring weighs in at 400 pounds.


GMRENCEN Circulation Ring


8. In 2015, almost 60 tons of the building’s food waste was composted and re-purposed.


9. On windy days the building can sway up to thirty inches.