Artist Spotlight: Chris Marinica

Whether he’s in the city or out in nature, local photographer Chris Marinica finds beauty everywhere he goes.

Luckily for Detroit, it just so happens the Livonia native likes to head downtown. His work features everything from quiet trails to towering architecture, all the while experimenting with perspective and color.

In the next two weeks, Marinica will share all of this and more as he takes over the GMRENCEN Instagram account. We recently caught up with him to learn a little more about his start, his photography and his plans for his GMRENCEN takeover.


A Jack of All Trades

A videographer by trade, Marinica was first moved to capture moments through film. In fact, he works as a wedding videographer helping newlyweds remember their big day. He continues his photography in his free time, which means capturing the beauty of Detroit, as he does so well, is a true passion of his.

Marinica’s approach to photography is to focus on what inspires him and only shoot things that make him happy. After hunting down and taking his pictures, he edits them to show various angles, movement and color.

“All the things you see on my Instagram, that’s all me,” he says. “Most of my photos are actually 3-10 photos merged together to show people a different perspective.”


An Artist’s-Eye View

When Marinica is out shooting in the city, inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective.

Detroit’s colors, architecture and skyline have always drawn him in, but Marinica didn’t really start photographing the city until he travelled off the beaten path.

“Some of my favorite places in the city are places I used to go to before they were renovated,” he said. “I would sneak in, and that’s how I got started with photography.”

Nowadays, Marinica still goes above and beyond for every shot, such as using a drone to capture moments from high above the bustle of the city. His use of aerial photography gives him a bird’s eye view, which comes in handy when your subject is over 700 feet tall.

Towering Above the Rest

Marinica’s favorite part about the city is its diverse photo opportunities, making the GMRENCEN the perfect place for him to shoot.

“I have so many photos of the GMRENCEN. It’s the tallest piece of the Detroit skyline, and that just stands out to me,” he says. “It’s so beautiful with different lights.”

Hues of gold and pink can really change the effect of the photograph, transforming it into something completely new. We look forward to seeing the towers lit up with Marinica’s expert touch.

So when you’re in the city in the next two weeks, take a moment to hunt down a few of Marinica’s shots. Get inspired as he takes over the GMRENCEN Instagram account, and travel with him as he finds beauty all around the city.

After all, whether you’re living here, working here or just stopping by, Detroit has so much to offer you.


Chris Marinica lives in Livonia. Follow him on Instagram or work with him through his Falcon Film Studios profile.