Artist Spotlight: Evans Tasiopoulos

Evans Tasiopoulos has been recognized for his art in several countries, but the majority of his work focuses on his hometown: Detroit. In fact, you might have seen his photography before. His work can be seen throughout the city, from outside the Tangent Gallery to inside the GMRENCEN after he won our Your Photo Here Contest, where local photographers submitted their best shots of the GMRENCEN for the chance to have the photo featured inside the building.


As a Detroit artist, Tasiopoulos aims to capture the city’s true colors. His style stands out because he shows how the city looks through his eyes.


In March 2019, he took over the GMRENCEN Instagram account and showcased Detroit through his lens.


Detroit is his home.

Tasiopoulos was born in Detroit. Though he spent summers with his family in Kalamata, Greece, he appreciates the city as his true home. His work reflects both geographies, placing a heavy emphasis on the Detroit’s local hot spots and breathtaking scenery.

He tries to work spontaneously, often taking walks downtown to search for the perfect shot, which he says can be found anytime, anywhere.


He’s always been artistic.

Growing up, Tasiopoulos was always passionate about art. Whether he was coloring, drawing or painting, he demonstrated intrinsic talent for a variety of artistic styles.

“Seven or eight years ago, I decided I wanted to pick up a camera and see what I could create with it,” he said. Now, he doesn’t leave home without it.


He’s a photography wizard.

After years of mastering different techniques, Tasiopoulos has become quite the expert.

“I love surreal-looking photographs,” he said. “I do a lot of long exposure in my work.”

Long exposure consists of a camera’s shutter staying open to take in as much light as possible. The effect is almost magical, incorporating movement into the photograph.

“Getting the right shot could take a couple seconds, or it could take a couple hours,” Tasiopoulos said. “I do whatever I have to do to capture the perfect moment.”


He captures life.

Tasiopoulos enjoys experimenting with light, color, shape and movement. His work reflects both living and non-living, but he aims to show life in each photograph he takes.

“I love the mix of both architecture and nature,” he said. “We have a lot of nature in the city, and I like to showcase that alongside the historical buildings.” He makes sure to include this balance in all his shots of Detroit.



Detroit influences his art.

From the towering GMRENCEN and bustling city streets, to the changing seasons and peaceful moments on the Riverfront, Detroit is constantly inspiring Tasiopoulos.

He names Belle Isle and the GMRENCEN as some of his favorite places to shoot in the city.

“Growing up, the GMRENCEN was the symbol of Detroit,” Tasiopoulos said. “You can see it from just about anywhere.”


He is helping local artists.

Starting out, Tasiopoulos was overlooked at art galleries because he was not yet a known artist. Luckily for him, he was able to get his work out into the world through local coffee shops and small music festivals.

Tasiopoulos’ passion for the city’s art scene moved him to create the Mati Group, a nonprofit organization that hosts two to three art shows each year at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit.

He wants to show you what Detroit means to him.

“My vision for my GMRENCEN Instagram takeover is to show Detroit from my perspective,” Tasiopoulos said in 2019. “I grew up in a time where people overlooked the city, but for me it was always full of beauty and full of life.”


Evans Tasiopoulos lives in Grosse Pointe Farms. Follow him on Instagram or visit his online portfolio to see and shop more of his work.