Artist Spotlight: Suzann Braun

Suzann Braun has become quite recognizable in Detroit, but not in the conventional way. Braun’s photography is what has earned her so much praise and attention. In 2017, the photographer was one of ten winners in the GMRENCEN’s Your Photo Here Contest, earning her name and photograph a spot in the iconic Detroit building.


Though Braun has been featured by GMRENCEN social media before, she will take over the GMRENCEN Instagram account this month, beginning Feb. 10 through Feb. 23.


Despite the frigid temperature, Braun is determined to showcase Detroit as a winter wonderland, braving the freezing cold in the name of art.



What can followers expect from your GMRENCEN Instagram takeover?

I hope to show people how incredible Detroit is in the winter. Nobody looks forward to the cold or the snow, but this winter has been my motivation. I want to showcase what changes in the city when it snows. Be prepared for nature, architecture, people and so much more.


Why did you choose to shoot Detroit in the winter?

So many people visit downtown when it’s warm. I feel that because of this, people may be missing out on the city in winter, which is just as beautiful. I love photographing all of the seasons. In Detroit, places like the marina, the skyline and the RiverFront all look a little bit different throughout the year. I want to capture that contrast and share it with others.


How do you capture authentic images?

It requires a lot of patience to get the right shot. I take my time and shoot a variety of angles for each shot, hoping to capture the perfect scene. Though I used to strictly photograph nature and architecture, I started including some people in my work as well. It’s all about documenting our environment in the moment.


How do you approach photographing the Renaissance Center?

I’ve worked downtown since 1997, but it’s a completely different city now. I had never thought to take pictures of it until 2006. Now I like to walk about and see what inspires me to snap a photograph. The Renaissance Center is such a recognizable part of Detroit. I’m happy to show it off and hopefully inform others that there are so many nice things and so many beautiful places in this city.


You capture images from all around the world. Why Detroit?

Detroit is a good place to be in the spotlight. With a mix of old and new, artistic edge and grit, Detroit is a place to see. When I started working downtown, the city was full of abandoned buildings.  Over the years, it’s been great to see these old buildings with all their history being rehabbed and given new life. I’m so happy to be able to document the changes and be among the unique dynamic of Detroit.


What are some of your favorite places in the city?

I have lots of favorite places in the city. The RiverFront, Dequindre Cut and Eastern Market are all places I enjoy visiting and capturing. I love to walk or drive around the city and see all of Detroit’s magic.

It’s all Detroit, and I’m proud to be a Detroiter.



Suzann Braun lives in Warren. Follow her on Instagram or visit her online SmugMug gallery for more photos of Detroit and her travels.